On the way to 100 years producing footwear

Born in 1927 and based in the north of Portugal, Abílio P. Carneiro & Filhos S.A. is the only Portuguese company in the footwear sector with a true centenary history.

Specialized in the production of technical footwear, outdoor footwear in its various aspects and waterproof footwear with membranes and, today managed by a 4th generation family, aware of the past and committed to the future, a reflection of which is the fact that it is a “PME LÍDER” for 16 years in a row and currently “PME Excelência”.

The company has known how to face and overcome the increasingly demanding challenges of the market where it operates, through a constant commitment to innovation and investment in R&D, in increasingly advanced equipment and in the training of its Human Resources, being therefore, a globalized operator with presence in several continents.





Quality Policy

Abílio P. Carneiro & Filhos, S.A. is a company that produces technical footwear and its mission is to ensure standards of excellence for customers and other business partners, from development to after-sales.

The company’s Quality Policy is based on the following principles:
  • Satisfaction, trust and respect on the part of our customers, as a reason for the success of the business;
  • Production of quality footwear through the daily improvement of our manufacturing processes, seeking knowledge and applying new technologies, materials and methods;
  • Relationship with suppliers and other partners guided by the search for the best quality and an adequate cost-benefit ratio;
  • Scrupulous compliance with delivery deadlines for orders;
  • Guarantee of a good environment and working conditions, enhancing the spirit of unity of all who are part of our team;
  • Compliance with all regulations and legislation applicable to our production process and our products, as well as compliance with the requirements of the protocol standard applicable to our Quality Management System;
  • Improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System with reference to the NP EN ISO 9001 standard.

The Administration





Commitment to Sustainability

Abílio P. Carneiro & Filhos, S.A. is a responsible company with a high sense of social responsibility and sustainability.

The focus on energy transformation is already one of the focuses of day-to-day management, materialized in aspects as diverse as capturing and producing energy using photovoltaic panels or, now, simple electric mobility.




Equality Policy

Abílio P. Caneiro & Filhos, S.A. sees the theme of equality and non-discrimination as essential conditions for building a sustainable future in all its angles. For this reason, we prioritize education/training at work, as well as the fight against all forms of discrimination or inequality, namely between women and men.

This approach makes it possible to enhance and value the future that we intend to build.

Equality requires, namely, that men and women enjoy the same opportunities, income, rights and obligations in all areas.

In the case of Abilio P. Carneiro & Filhos, S.A. the consolidation of this strong policy of equality and non-discrimination is already evident, the most visible example of which is access to top leadership (at this point already mostly occupied by women), career progression, the training provided, the policy of reconciling the personal, family and professional life, where women and men benefit from full equality of opportunities and treatment.