Striding towards 100 years of producing footwear

Tradition allied with modernity

Based in the north of Portugal, Abílio P. Carneiro & Filhos S.A. has exported practically everything it has produced, since the 1980s.

The company has evolved and adapted to the market, specializing in the production of technical footwear, outdoor footwear in its various aspects and waterproof footwear with membranes.

With constant investment in R&D, machinery and training human resources, Abílio P. Carneiro & Filhos S.A., currently managed by the third and fourth generations of the family.

Today, Abílio P. Carneiro & Filhos S.A. is a company with a global outlook, buying raw materials and selling footwear throughout the world.





Quality Policy

Abílio P. Carneiro is a company that produces technical footwear, whose mission is to provide excellent service to its clients, ensure good communication between all parties, present new solutions, and fulfil all defined quality requirements.

Our company combines traditional with modern.
    • Our Quality Policy is based on the following principles:
  • The satisfaction, confidence and respect of our clients, as the reason for successful business;
  • Producing quality footwear through the daily improvement of our manufacturing processes, seeking to learn about and apply new technologies, materials and methods;
  • Relationships with suppliers and other partners characterised by seeking the best quality and the ideal cost-benefit ratio;
  • Meeting delivery deadlines for orders;
  • Ensuring a good working environment and conditions, and unity among everyone who is part of our team;
  • Complying with the regulations and legislation applicable to our products, as well as meeting the requirements of the standard applicable to our Quality Management System;
  • Improving the efficacy of our Quality Management System, taking the NP EN ISO 9001 standard as our reference.

The Management